Strategic Plan

In 2006, the First Strategic Plan of the Third Sector was approved. It was developed by the NGO Platform of Social Action with the support of the NGO National Council of Social Action. The document articulated the necessary measures for the development and boost of our sector according with the demands of society.

In november 2012, the NGO State Council of Social Action approved the Second Strategic Plan, a document whose main objectives are ensuring the provision of goods and services to the most vulnerable individuals and groups of people, and strengthening Third Sector as a social actor.

Furthermore, the Platform coordinates the workgroup for the Strategic Plan of the Third Sector of the NGO National Council, attached to the General State Administration, and conceived as a space for encounter, dialogue, participation and public policy advice on social services.

Most concretly, the Platform works with its two comissions –Plan Operating Development and Communication- promoting the Plan inside the sector and implanting it in the different regions and social entities.

Strategic Plan of the NGO Social Action Platform

We employ our own means to contribute to the strengthening of the sector: the Strategic Plan of the Platform, carried out with the financial support of the Ministry for Labour and Social Affairs and the fees provided by member organisations of our entity.

Among others, we consider the Platform to be actively involved in the defining of politics, the development of its capacity for political impact and the expansion of its social basis.

II Strategic Plan of the Third Sector of Social Action.


I Strategic Plan of the Third Sector of Social Action.


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