The NGO Platform of Social Action is a State-level organization, private, non-denominational and non-profit that works to promote most vulnerable groups' social and civil rights and also to stregthen the Third Sector of Social Action.

In 2015 the Platform is consisted of 32 NGO, confederations, federations and national networks that have provide 13.000.000 attentions with the collaboration of 4.540.000 associates, 384.000 volunteers and almost 94.000 employees.

The Platform, declared of Public Utility on February 6th 2007, is part of important international organizations.


The NGO Platform of Social Action is an organization which mission is to defend most vulnerable people’s rights, promote participation in the Social Action ambit, generate social changes, represent its organizations in front of the Public Administration and lead them with a common aim.


The NGO Platform of Social Action can do it all since:

  • It has reach the Social Agent status.
  • It is a recognized interlocutor in front of civil society, Public Administration and Social Action NGO.
  • It leads the development and cohesion of the Third Sector.
  • It is independent and has representation.

Platform Institutional Presentation

Platform in numbers. Comparative Report 2006-2014

In collaboration with

Ministerio de Sanidad, Servicios Sociales e Igualdad

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