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X Solidaria Campaign Logo

The Social Action NGO Platform coordinates since 2002 the X Solidaria campaign, aimed at promoting solidarity among taxpayers so that they can check the "Activities of Social Interest" box in their income tax return and allocate a percentage of their full fee for the realization of programs aimed at people who are at risk of social exclusion in our society: elderly, disabled, people with cancer, women and young people in exclusion.

Since the Platform launched this awareness campaign in 2002, almost 4 million more people mark the solidarity box on their statement of income, going from 6,887,500 declarants in 2002 to 10,803,462 in 2016. It should also be noted that the collection has increased in more of 130 million euros between 2007 and 2016.

This campaign has the support of the Third Sector Platform, the Volunteer Platform of Spain, the Network to Combat Poverty and Social Exclusion in the Spanish State (EAPN-ES), the Spanish Committee of Representatives of People with Disabilities (CERMI), the Platform of Child Organizations and the NGO Coordinator for Development-Spain.

How we define the X Solidaria and why it is necessary

It is the X that helps the most vulnerable people. You can mark it when you make the Income statement. This box is called "Activities of Social Interest".

We prefer to call it X Solidaria, because we think the original box name seems very cold, especially when it comes to helping others.

Why dial the "X"?

  • Because when you mark it, you make 0.7% of your taxes go to programs made by NGOs.
  • Because people in vulnerable situations benefit; without any economic cost for you.
  • Because NOT marking it is taking a passive attitude, and letting the State decide the fate of that part of your taxes.
  • Because by marking it you become a contributing, active and supportive person.
  • Because if you already check the box of the Church, marking the two you can help double. 0.7% + 0.7% = 1.4% of the IRPF.

If you want to know more about the X Solidaria enter its website

X Solidaria Campaign Logo